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Don't Miss These Two Fabulous Graphics on BYOD for Teachers

As I was working on "15 apps for learning activities in BYOD classrooms" I came across these wonderful graphics in my BYOD archive here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I thought it would be handy to put them together in a single post for you to use and refer to whenever needs be.

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Just a little reminder. BYOD in education refers to students bringing their own technology devices ( smartphones, tablets, and laptops. ) to school for educational uses. This was initially started by college students, but it soon spread to K-12 education. Schools that used to depend on government funds to provide technology that students would need for the school day , are now turning that responsibility to the parents by asking them to purchase the technology devices needed for schools, which, fortunately enough, most students actually own. This would cut down on schools' huge yearly technology expenditure.
Check out the graphics below to learn more on BYOD.

1- Going BYOD

Going BYOD

2-BYOD: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


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