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Creating Classroom Infographics Using these 2 Awesome Google Docs templates

A lot of teachers think of creating infographics as something highly geeky that requires sophisticated technology knowledge. The matter of the fact is  all you need is a rudimentary net knowledge which, since you are reading this post, you already have .

I have already reviewed several of the web tools that teachers can use to create infographics to share with their students and one of my favourite tools of them all is Google Draw. You can check this visual step by step guide to see learn how you can create a poster using only Google Draw.

There is also another easy way to create a classroom infographic using Google Docs. This time we are going to use pre-made templates. I searched for some in Google Docs gallery and found
these nice templates which can perfectly serve the purpose.

1- Infographics Toolbox
Infographics Toolbox - Illustrate your data with your own custom graphs, charts, maps and more. Draw your own pie charts and bar charts with this template. Edit the colors of the map of the United States. Create an infographic of male and female symbols to use for counting data (including one-half male and female symbols).

2- Infographic template

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