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Awesome Graphic on Traditional Vs Modern Social Networking

The entire landscape of social media has been redesigned particularly since the inception of virtual social networking sites a decade ago. The first beginnings of modern social media revolution can be traced back to the late 1990s with the appearance of and These early attempts at social networking using the medium of the world wide web were "primitive", so to speak,  in that they were primarily concerned with answering the question: Who can I connect with that was once a schoolmate of mine?

As internet bandwith gets better and as the net moved from web1.0 to web 2.0 a new dimension to social netoworking has been designed. New"sophisticated" social networking platforms have been emerged. More specifically, in 2002, social networking hit really its stride with the launch of Friendster. A yea later, MySpace and LinkedIn made it into the scene providing users with  new revolutionary ways of connecting with each other. Rather than being a mere playground for former classmates, teenagers, and cyberspace, these new platforms approached the question differently in that they ask "“Who can I connect with?” rather than “Who can I connect with that was once a schoolmate of mine?”

Now that the social media landscape has been enriched with powerful sites in the calibre of Twitter and Facebook, nobody can ever expect where this social revolution is heading to.

To finsih up this succinct synopsis on social media, let me share with you this beautiful graphic which is a vintage image od social networking between the past and the present.

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