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Anatomy of A Meme- Great Visual for Teachers

Two years ago when I first started thinking about a topic for my thesis study, my supervisor, knowing that I am deeply interested in technology integration in education, he gave me a bunch of books and told me that they would help me hone in my research perspective and narrow down my research topic. One of these books was by  Lankshare and Knobel  entitle New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Classroom Learning. This book (like all the other titles he gave me) was really a great read but this one in particular has a section devoted to memes. The authors viewed memes as a window to literacy and this very idea stroke a chord with me and marked my light bulb moment or so I thought.

 I was so happy I finally settled on a topic for my master thesis (those of you who have gone through the same experience would know how hard it is to find a topic for a thesis). Anyway, I told my supervisor about it and he gave me the green light. I did an extensive reference mining and downloaded several academic papers and bought  more than 13 books from amazon all on Memes but after  I spent 3 months reading all these materials I was disappointed to find out that memes is not a topic I wanted for my thesis, why ? I really don't know. So I started again the research and consultation with my supervisor till I finally landed on the topic that intellectually gratified me: The Use of Social Media for Teacher's Professional Development, Twitter as an example.

That was my story with memes.It  was a hard experience but I learned a lot from it  and today as I came across this infographic on memes, it all came back to my mind and I decided to share both (my story with memes ) and the graphic with you. Enjoy


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