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A Wonderful Chart on iPad Vs Chromebook

If you are working or planning for a 1:1 program for next school year and still did not make up your mind about what devices to work with, the chart below is probably what you need to help you make informed decision.

Teachbytes created this handy chart in which she compared the specs of iPad with Chromebook. As you can see, apart from the powerful battery iPad has, Samsung Chromebook outsmarts iPad in all the other features.

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  1. Making decisions about which is the better device for a particular task often has little to do with which has higher specifications. I do not think this is a useful chart at all and is rather similar to the charts used in advertising where specifications are cherry picked to make a certain device appear better. So not only are the selected specs largely irrelevant but also the idea that specs make one device more suitable than another is a floored way of thinking. A professional 3D workstation has hugely greater specifications than a tablet device but would not be anywhere near as useful in the classroom. I am not saying a tablet is necessarily better than a chrome book. I am simply saying that this is a rather manipulative Chromebook advertisement rather than a useful comparison.

  2. I think the one comparison that is missing deals with text to speech supports. The Chrome has Chrome vox which is meant for people with limited vision but does not address others with print disabilities. Apple has some built in accessibiity features and there are several apps that provide the text to speech and word prediction supports.

  3. Thank you. My district is going with Chromebook, but your chart lets me see some of the differences. Of course, I would not expect anyone to just look at your chart and make a decision. Hopefully, they will use this to supplement other research they have done.

  4. Schools who are intending to use these machines for the upcoming PARCC exams should keep an keen eye on the assessment-compatibility list. Chromebooks were not on the last list I saw.

  5. I have used an ipad 2 a lot and have recently bought a Samsung Chromebook. Which device is best depends on what you use them for. For me, I find the Chromebook more useful. But others would doubtless disagree.

    These are my reasons:
    1. I browse the web a lot. I find this quicker with the Chromebook, especially with the keyboard.
    2. I type a lot. This is definitely dramatically quicker with the Chromebook - but I should add that in fairness I am a very quick touch typist.
    3. I watch movies. Both about as good as each other but I prefer the speakers on the Chromebook.
    4. I do a fair amount of emailing. Again the keyboard on the Chromebook is a deal breaker for me.
    5. Price. The Chromebook was about half the price of the ipad.

    Having said all of this, in an ideal world I would own:
    1. Desktop - Apple based (got one!!)
    2. Laptop - Apple or PC based (can't afford the one I really want - macbookpro)
    3. Chromebook (got one!!)
    4. ipad (looking to buy a used model from a friend)
    5. Android phone (got one!!)

    In terms of day to day computing and actually doing work, there is no competition. My Apple desktop easily wins!!

    Final aside. Even on my desktop I use Chrome browser and Google Docs. I love the instant saving and ability to view/edit the docs from any device. I also rely a lot on 'Dropbox' which I love.

    Hope this is helpful.


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