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A Useful Twitter Advanced Search Sheet for Teachers

The next revolution in the world of online search will probably be instigated by social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Both of these platforms are developing some robust search engines to serve the needs of their users. The good thing about this "social searching" is that they are based on real time interaction of people with the information being shared online. So instead of getting search results that are prioritized according to an algorithmic ranking as is the case with Google page rank and Alexa rank, now your query will be met with live feed of results pertaining to things people are talking about.

 If you use Twitter search engine to look for say digital safety, you will probably get better and more refined search results than you would get from Google or Yahoo. You basically get links that other like minded people have shared and around which there has been some discussions that you can read as well. This is a huge step forward in the improvement of search quality. Welcome to Web 3.0!

In this context, Twitter is working hard to enhance the performance of its search functionality. They have now what is called Twitter advanced search engine. Next time you use Twitter search and it does not turn up results for your desired terms, you may want to use these search operators :

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