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A Must See Video on How Google Search Works

Innovations in Google are moving at the speed of light and probably Googlogy (invented word) will very soon set Google as an established science in the calibre of other enormous "logy" sciences. Think about how Google revolutionized the online search and only within a very short period of time since its inception in 1998.

There definitely were several other search engines before Google namely Yahoo and Altavista but their search algorithms never made a difference in how end users interact with the online data. These traditional search engines were based on the "catalogue formula" that was  prevalent in public libraries which, in response to a search query,  provides a user with a catalogue of web links to search for. The process was cumbersome and time consuming.

 To devise a robust search engine that would respond to the growing needs of internet users Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google Founders) had to come up with a new  formula that would go beyond the "catalogue" scheme and hence the creation of smart search robots or spiders that can within few seconds crawl in the web and index content that comes its way. And because there are dissimilarities between online content in terms of its relevance, veracity, and authorship, the young inventors created page rank algorithm which is a numeric value conferred on websites to rank them in a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being at the top.

In this way, indexation of online content together with the latest refinements to how Google robots crawl webpages rendering this crawling much more sophisticated than it initially used to be, Google search engine made the historic breakthrough not only in how search engines work but also in the entire relationship between internet and huma beings.

However, the topic is an interesting one and for the purposes of this short post I have to stop it here and let it you enjoy the short video below.

 The video  will help you better understand  how Google search works. Mutt Cutts (Google spam engineer featured in the video) will take you through a very simple step by step guide on what happens when you search in Google. I recommend that you share the video with your students as well.

 For those of you interested in learning more about the  digital revolution I was talking about above, I would suggest a very great book I read last month and which I will review in a separate post in the section "Book Review". The book is entitled " From Gutenberg to Zuckerbeg: What You Really Need to Know about Internet " and authored by John Naughton.

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