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A Must Have Rubric for Infographic Use in The Classroom

So you're planning to make infographics part of teaching toolbox! Educational infographics section both here and on our  Pinterest board has hundreds of meticulously selected graphics to use with your students in the classroom. I am pretty sure you will find some good ones for your class.

However, to effectively integrate infographics in your teaching you need much more than just curated lists of educational graphics, you will need to develop your own skill at judging the relevance of graphics you come across online. In other words, you need a rubric of the things you have to highlight when selecting such learning materials for your class. Thankfully, Kathy Schrock has created this wonderful chart featuring the most important elements to consider when opting for infographics. Kathy has also another great page on infographics which I highly recommend for you.

This is only a part of the rubric but you can download the full form Here. please make sure you comply with the terms of use of this graphic. Kathy made it clear in the header that the rubric can be reproduced for classroom use only but for all other uses, you need her permission. Enjoy

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