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A Clever Trick to Play YouTube Videos without Distractive Features

YouTube is both a video resource for educational clips to use with your students in the classroom and also a robust video editor to work on your clips before you share them with the world. Recently some extra useful services have been added to YouTube such as creating presentations with audio embedded in them, and live streaming a Google Plus hangout.

However, while YouTube is free for everyone to use, it comes with another cost. Those annoying ads forced at you every time you want to watch a video together with the "recommended videos " for you, are part of the cost users pay for using the service.

Using YouTube videos with students means that you might run the risk of exposing them to inappropriate and distractive content that comes in the featured playlist to the left of the video. The textual comments under the video can also be offensive and featuring vulgar language not appropriate for our students.

Today, however, I am sharing with you a very great hack I learned from Daniel Russel. This tip is about forcing the video to fill the browser and exclude all other distractive features. This is a great way to use YouTube videos with your students and here is how it works.

This is how the landing page to a youTuve video looks like

Now to force the video to take all the page, you need to take the original URL of the video and add “watch_popup” to it.

For instance this URL is the original URL of a video by Ken Robenson :

Now add _popup right between watch and ?v and you will have this modified URL:

Click on the modified url to see how it will play.

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