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6 Thought Provoking Videos for Teachers

Here is another round-up of some interesting videos to watch this weekend. I Have had them in my bookmarked list for quite awhile now but only today I watched the last video in this list. I am pretty sure you will find their content interesting.These videos cover a wide variety of topics from the difference between the right  and left bain to motivation.

These videos have been created by RSA animate, one of my favourite channels on YouTube. The list can also be a very good food for your students' thoughts, share it with them as well.

1- Left Brain Vs Right bRAIN

2- The Power of Networks

3- Smile or Die

4- Where Good Ideas come From
Steven Johnson Book is also available in Amazon " Where Good Ideas Come from "

5- Language as a window into human nature

6- The surprising truth about what motivates us

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