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50 Useful Websites and Apps for Teachers

" If your students are anything like ours, they respond  enthusiastically when we bring technology into the  classroom. We’ve also seen how technology can help  us stay organized and even become more efficient  classroom managers. But keeping up with rapidly changing technology—and weeding out what is useful and  what isn’t—can be challenging We want you to get your hands on the best technology out there, but we also want to help you get back to what  you do best-teaching. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you and gathered 50 of what we consider to be
the most useful websites and apps for teachers out there."

Here is a free PDF to download that contains some of the best selection Mary Grove College selected for you. Below are the app categories covered in this PDF.

• Reading and Literacy Apps
• Writing Apps
• Apps for Blogging; Apps for Glogging
• Images and Image-Editing Apps
• Timeline Generator Apps
• Collaborative Learning Apps
• Apps for Cleaning Up Your Printing and Browsing Experience

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