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5 Tips on How To Use Technology Mindfully

Today while I was taking my daily dose of newspaper reading, I came across this interesting article from Huffington Post Canada (one of my favourite papers online). Of course, the topic they covered in their article relates to the topical theme of this blog. It particularly clicks in with what I have posted in "13 Web Tools to Harness the Web" just a couple of days ago : How to deal with this increasing avalanche of digital data coming from our technolog-focused environments.

Our dependence on technology has mounted to some really alarming levels. We are in a continuos "state of connectedness". We become so much dependent on the digital world that we compromise those fundmental things that have shaped human relationships since the dawn of time :" social bonding and physical intimacy ".

However, the answer is not escaping technology but rather using it wisely. In the following quotes,  you will get to learn five practical tips on the mindful use of technology from the meditation experts Headspace.

1- Choose Wisely

2- Respond Calmly

3- Engage Socially

4- Breathe Deeply

5- Communicate Kindly

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