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3 Useful New Video Tools for Teachers

Students learn a great deal from video projects particularly when these projects are built up collaboratively. While working on videos students get to use several other skills: writing, speaking, peer editing, collaborating, and a plethora of digital skills. Before the introduction of web 2.0 technologies , video softwares were costly and only people with advanced technical and video editing skills were able to use them. Now that the " participatory social web" has taken over, video creation has become as easy as reading and answering emails.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already reviewed several  video creation web tools that teachers and students can use in the classroom. Today, we are adding some new updates.

1- VideoAnt

VideoAnt is a web tool that allows users to add annotations to YouTube videos. The process is very easy, just copy and paste the URL of YouTube video into the annotation pane of VideoAnt and click on " add annotations" button wherever you want to add annotations in your video.

2- WireWax

This is a video service that allows users to tag people in videos. To use it, just drop your video file into the dropbox or paste your YouTube URL into the box  and follow the rest of the instructions. When you are done you can share your final product on Facebook or Twitter.

3- The Mad Video

This is another awesome interactive video tool that supports tagging. Here is how it works :
  • Copy the URL of an online video and paste it in The Mad Video. Any video from YouTube will work. The Mad Video will analyze the video and break it into scenes for easy tagging.
  •  To tag anything you want, you only need to drop the kind of tag you want (people, place, product, etc) onto the video's timeline, then enter in text, images, external links, maps, and more.
  • Embedded on your site, or shared on a social network, your interactive video will show your tags wherever you place it. You can even share individual tags so viewers go right to that moment in your video!

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