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2 Beautiful Templates to Create Classroom Newspapers using Google Docs

Today I am sharing with you an awesome newspaper template available for download free of charge from Google Docs gallery. I have been playing around with its features and did some customization to them and  found it really worth sharing with you here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I posted here a list of web tools that teachers can use to create classroom newspapers. However, the templates I have selected for you today are a bit different in that they are already made and all you have to do is fill in your information and do a little customization to give it a personal touch.

 The process is very easy and students will find it quite enjoyable working on content to publish in such newspapers. All you need is a Google account which, if you have a Gmail, then you already have one.Next click on the links of the templates provided below, download and start using them. Enjoy.

1-  Page 1
Let students publish research in a newspaper. Click to use the template and then save it with a new name for every group. Let students replace the words with their own. Students may replace the pictures by uploading or linking others. See the page 2 template for more layouts

2- Page 2

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