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10 Twitter Mistakes You Should Avoid

A new digital offspring has recently seen the light in the visualized world. This is called infocomic, a breed of infographics, and is basically a mixture of comics and attractive visuals. This is the first infocomic I am sharing here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

This infocomic, created by dashburst, features 10 mistakes that we should avoid making when tweeting. Some of these mistakes can also apply to other social networking websites.

1- Over Tweeting
Don't overload your followers with too many tweets. This gets  worse when your tweets are trivial.

2-Follow-Friday Perversion
Recommending lots of usernames in a single tweet without a concrete motivation.

3- Celebrity Insulting
Lavishing praise or insulting somebody who hasn't the faintest idea of who you are.

4- RIP for Someone Famous
Showing your grief in 140 characters towards somebody everyone knows is bad

5- Retweet Every compliment
Bragging so your audience knows that you are loved by a lot of people.

6- Tweet about Food
Explaining what you ate as if  anybody cared including yourself

7- Inspirational Quotes
Delivering motivational and inspirational quotes to keep people's daily life inspired

8- Having too many account
Using more than a single account for different purposes, messing up your communication

9-Spamming by direct messages
Sending direct messages to promote something. That just gives you a negative reputation

10- Giving people klout
Giving +K's to influencer's just for being influential on Klout.

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