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What You Need to Know about Data Footprints

One of the tasks I have in my to-do list for this month is to write a post on the difference between the digital behaviour of Generation Y and that of Baby Boomers. However today as I was sifting through my Feedly feeds I came across this interesting infographic entitled " Data Footprint by Generations ". Going through its content I found that it, partly, clicks in with the post I am working on.

The graphic provides data about technology usage by the different generations. It particulalry tracks the digital footprint of these 3 generations in terms of their video viewing habits, Internet usage , and connected devices. I think it would have been way better if the designers of this infographic provided some more clarifications on the definitional elements of these 3 generations and not just limit the data on them to age-range.

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 The facts you will discover below are really amazing and I am looking forward to your comments and feedback. Enjoy
Source : Wikibon 
   Data Footprints by Generations

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