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What Does Teaching in The 21st Century Mean ?

What does teaching in the 21st century mean ? This a curiosity-raising question that no teacher would disregard. When we say a question it automatically implies the presence of  an answer but for our particular question, we have a plethora of answers. It depends on the perspective from which you approach the question.

Let's , for instance, look at teaching from a digital point of view. The digital component is probably the most salient  part of the the 21st century education. Web 2.0 technologies and mobile gadgetry have secured their lion's share within our classroom creating, thus, new forms of learning and teaching. Now we started talking about On-The-Go learning and teaching, flipped teaching, paperless name but a few.With these new modes of teaching and learning comes the need for developing and cultivating new teaching skills that can best live up to the pressing demands of our digital natives.

Now back to the question we posed initially. Here is a great video offering some of the answers to this question. I have watched this video more than twice and have also used in one of my presentations  in my MA Ed courses. I am pretty sure you will love it. Enjoy

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