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Using Twitter for Teachers' Professional Development

I am actually engaged in an extensive review of the literature written on the use of Twitter as a Personal Learning Network ( PLN ).Twitter is the core topic of my MAEd thesis and I am trying to approach it from different perspectives : academic, social, and even personal ( for professional development ). Academically speaking, papers investigating the use of Twitter in the world of academia are still scarce and the empirical research done in this field is still very limited.


From time to time I feature some of the resources I am actually reading and which I know will be of great interest to my readers here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.For instance, today I am sharing with you a treasure trove ( I really mean it ) of Twitter lists to subscribe with  and follow to stay updated about the latest news, resources, links, researches, and many more according to your area of interest.

I strongly believe in the use of Twitter for professional development and from my own experience with it I can attest to its practicability and usability.

Each list below features some of the prominent Tweeters in their respective field that LSE has carefully handpicked for educators and teachers to follow. It took me awhile to go through all of them but once I did I was really in awe. " What a tremendous work this is " I though to myself.

Social Sciences list on Twitter

The Social Sciences list features researchers and academics who work in anthropology, economics, geography, law, political science, and sociology. It is the longest list, with over 150 suggestions.

Arts and Humanities list on Twitter

As the second largest list, the Arts and Humanities contributions cover academics and researchers who are interested in history, languages, literature, philosophy, and music.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics list on Twitter

The suggestions for STEM subject academics revealed some very prolific Tweeters, although we are a little short on the Mathematics front. If you have any more suggestions that you’d like to see on the list then do recommend your favourites.

Media and Journalism list on Twitter

Academics working on media and news projects are all covered by this list, and again if you’d like to recommend academics and researchers who would fall in to this category then do send us a tweet.

Higher Education and Learning list on Twitter

This list covers professionals who tweet on higher education issues, as well as those who are interested in e-learning and educational technology. The aim of this list is to bring together field-specific news and technology updates, with around 50 specialists in the field.

Business and Management list on Twitter

This list covers academics working in business and management, from all over the world.

Think Tanks list on Twitter

The think tanks list is a collection of UK based think tanks and intermediaries.

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