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Top 10 iPad Apps for Lesson Planning

How about creating and managing your lesson plans on the go ? If you have an iPad and are looking for some excellent and reliable apps to use for creating lesson plans for your class then you have landed on the right page.

It is really hard to find good working lesson planning apps in  iTunes market and when you go to the education section there , you will definitely get swamped by the huge and voluminous number of apps included there . This is why Educational Technology and Mobile Learning provides a periodic run-down of educational apps related to a specific content area to help teachers save their time and access the best of the rest in that field.

For this post, I have curated a list of the top iPad apps for lesson planning. Check it out below and share with us what you think of it . Enjoy

1- Lesson Planning

Create, adapt, organize and map all your lesson plans to the Common Core State Standards, the National Curriculum, and Australian Curriculum.

2- Teacher Plan

TeacherPlan Lite is a professional lesson planning template that empowers you to quickly and creatively write an individual lesson plan. TeacherPlan saves you time planning lessons because it has hundreds of prewritten lesson ideas which you insert directly into your plan by just tapping on them.

3- Fun 5 Plans

The purpose of the Fundamental 5 Lesson Plan Tool is to assist teachers in planning effective lessons and to provide a practical solution for increasing teacher collaboration.

4- Paperless Teacher

Paperless Teacher allows teachers at all levels of education to reduce their paperwork burden while increasing their speed in grading and productivity in giving feedback. Attendance, participation, homework, tests, and assignments can all be created, managed, and graded, and results can be sent to students with the tap of a button.

5- iLesson Plans

iLesson Plans not only allows you to create detailed Lesson Plans whilst on the move you can also:
• Keep a daily planner of which lesson are for which period
• Keep track of Classes
• Keep track of each Pupil
• Export your Lesson in PDF or Word Format
• Save your lesson plans to iTunes
• Save your Lesson Plans to Dropbox
• Send your Lesson Plans Via Email
6- My Lesson Plan

From elementary school through high school, create lesson plans in subjects ranging from English, Math and Science, to Fine Arts and History. The list goes on as far as your imagination will take it.

7- Teacher Planner

Teachers Planner is an effective ‘alternate week’ planning aid suitable for all teaching professionals, whether you are working a 5 or 7 day week with extra curricular activities Teachers Planner
for iPad makes time-table planning and maintenance far easier and faster than traditional methods.

8- PlanBook Touch

Planbook is lesson planning software for educators. Enter the courses you teach and the type of schedule you use and you'll be planning in no time at all.

9- Teacher's App Box

This application features forms and tools commonly used by teachers such as a Daily Agenda, Long Term Planner, EZ Grader, Special Recognition, Permission Slips and more, allowing teachers the ability to complete their paperwork anywhere for rapid distribution to parents, colleagues and school administrators.

10- iLesson Ready

iLessonReady™ is a lesson development solution for teachers to engage students in learning while aligning lessons to the Common Core Standards. It guides teachers to create learning targets, learning tasks and feedback strategies (formative assessments) that help students achieve one learning target at a time until students achieve a learning goal aligned to the Common Core Standards.

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