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The 12 Commandments of Digital Citizens

Each time I come across an interesting graphic I make sure it does not pass incognito. All of the  visual graphics I share here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning are  informative and highly insightful. The one below is no exception.

The graphic below features some of the characteristics of digital citizens which also apply to our students. I personally prefer to call them netizens as Howard Rheingold called them in his wonderful book Net Smart: How to Thrive Online.

I find this graphic to be a good summary of what we have been talking about concerning digital citizenship.For our technology integration efforts to be fruitful we , teachers and educators, need to make sure we prepare the right environment for this integration to take place and part of this preparation is informing our students on online ethics and fair use of digital content and showing them how they can thrive online without compromising their digital identities.

In this context, I am sharing with you this excellent graphic on characteristics of digital citizens. Of course there are several other features to include here but the ones mentioned are the ones that pop out the most from among others. Have a look and share with us what you think of it. Enjoy

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