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Teacher's Visual Guide to A Better Technology Integration

The learning quest does not have an end and ,as teachers and educators, we are forever learners. We learn to make better learners ( out of our students ). Part of our learning is keeping updated with what interests and engages our students and I personally think there is nothing else much more interesting to the generation Y than the digital component.

Using technology in teaching does have several pedagogical benefits on the overall learning/teaching process. However, for our tech pratices to be effective and meet the learning objectives we designed for them, we ( teachers ) need to structure and have fully designed plans for the hows and whys behind using technology in the classroom. In other words, we need to have an effective guide to help us enhance our teaching through technology. In this context, the folks at educational elements have put together a really wonderful visual step by step guide to help you in your implementation of technology in your teaching. Check it out below and let us know what you think of it. Enjoy

teachers digital guide

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