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Infographics Explained with LEGOs

Since their introduction a couple of years ago, digital infographics have become  popular online knowledge-dissemination tools . They are now among the major sources of digitally encoded data .Besides their visual attractiveness,  infographics easily grab the reader's  attention and facilitate comprehension through breaking down data into several parts and also through the combination of text, illustrative images, graphs, tables....etc.

Infographics are also great visual materials to use with your students in the classroom.You can browse our Educational Infographics section to look for the ones that correlate with your curriculum and you can also use these simple and easy tools to create your own infographics .

I am sharing with you below an awesome infographic I came across on cool Infographics .This is probably a good way  to introduce infographics to your students. Check it out and share with us what you think of it.

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