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Great Tips on How to Create Engaging Infographics for your Classroom

In his wonderful Book " Literacy in the New Media Age  ", Gunther Kress talked about the shifting metrics of literacy and how digital media reshaped the focus of literacy. For him, the image is now displacing the written code as the predominant mode of communication. The screen is replacing the book.

When we look at our reading habits and our daily interaction with all this digital data that surrounds us day and night, it becomes clear that Kress point does make sense and that the traditional meaning of literacy is now being completely revolutionized with clear shift towards the visual.

People are more attracted to data and information that are visually organized. This is also the case with our students. If you are able to display correctly then chances are students will grab it quickly. In this regard, infographics are ideal for communicating data through visual cues. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already featured some awesome tools that teachers can use to create their own infographics but if you are looking for tips on how to create engaging infographics for your class, the graphic below is all that you need. Have a look and let us know what you think of it. Enjoy anatomy of infographic

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