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Factzz A Cool New Learning Game

Factzz is a brand new app from a new company Zzish that aims to transform the way we learn by turning learning into a game that can be played with friends or family. If you have ever played mobile games like SongPop or Draw Something, then you know how addictive social games can be with friendly competition or cooperation between friends and family motivating players to do better and better. Factzz aims to take those engaging social game dynamics and use them to create a multiplayer gaming experience with educational content that can be used in the classroom by teachers or at home by parents to teach children about core curriculum subjects.

The initial version of Factzz, available for Android mobile phones and tablets, is a simple execution of the concept allowing up to six people to compete against each other on one device in a game of math or English. With six tablets and five children to a tablet, a class of thirty children can engage in a game of multiplication, for example. Not only are the children motivated by being able to play a fun and engaging game against each other, it also reduces the cost of engaging a whole class in a tablet based activity .. six Kindle Fire tablets running Android can be bought from Amazon for just $954, the price of a single PC.

Playing the game can also be set as homework where children can be tasked with competing against their parents to see who can get the best scores. In fact, one of the key missions of the creators of Factzz is to enable parents to much more actively engage in their children's education.

The core of the game is simple, each player in turn answers a question on the particular subject being quizzed with a game consisting of five questions for each player. The quicker the player answers the question the more points the player scores and the player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. Nice engaging colorful graphics and cute monster avatars add to the game's charm and make it ideal for children in the eight to twelve year old bracket.

Although Factzz looks polished and is highly playable right now, the creators have big plans to extend the feature set and are running a Kickstarter campaign at the moment to raise funds to deliver these. A key feature they plan to add is the ability for two people to play against each other remotely, particularly useful for working parents who could take a five minute break from work at 4pm in the afternoon to play a quick game of addition or multiplication against their children sitting at home.

In fact Factzz could transform the way we learn by making learning a fun, social, mobile experience and actively engaging parents in the learning process. We love the vision behind Factzz. If you want to learn more about the project or support development of new features, pop over to their page on Kickstarter.

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