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Awesome Learning Wheel for Teachers

Talking about an alternative to Blooms' Taxonomy does not really make sense to me. I do love this taxonomy and have  written a lot on it in this section.  Some argue that it is old and that the learning for which it was created ( late 1950s ) is completely different from the one that is taking place in the 21st century schools. My take on this is very clear, Bloom's Taxonomy touches the core and nucleus  of learning and as you know the core never changes.

 Of course there is now a reordering of the importance of the thinking skills mentioned in Bloom's taxonomy given the uptake of technology and digital media but those thinking categories Blooms perceived of almost 60 years ago are still the umbrella terms under which many of the new thinking priorities are aggregated. So instead of rejecting Blooms Taxonomy all over I would rather keep it as a solid base to underpin today's learning.

In the light of this discussion of alternatives to Blooms Taxonomy, Terry  from Teachthought came up with this awesome wheel. I personally do not see it as an alternative but rather a deviant taxonomy with a lot of semantic changes.  Alternative or not, Terry's work is really interesting and I thought you might want to have a look. Enjoy

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