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A Wonderful Graphic on Flipped Learning

The last time I posted  about Flipped Learning  I got an email from an " angry" reader telling me that the concept of flipped learning is not new and that it  was first coined by Dewy and Socrates long before it was rediscovered recently. Well this was a new piece of information for me. I asked the guy to send me any reference to substantiate his claim but unfortunately I did not get any answer back. I did some research online and in my university library but was not able to find this fact anywhere . I am hoping that somebody would send me a reference if there is any.

For those of you who are still struggling to come to grips with what flipped learning is all about, I invite you to explore the various resources I have compiled in my : Flipped Learning Section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

I am also adding to this resource this awesome graphic I found in this website. Enjoy

flipped learning

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