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A Step by Step Tutorial on How to Flip your Classroom with TED Ed

We have talked a lot about flipped learning in this blog and I have received several emails requesting a tutorial on how to flip a lesson using TED Ed platform ( as I prefer to call it ). I never had time to work on this visual tutorial until this weekend.

So, what I have for you below is a step by step tutorial on how to use TED Ed tool to create flipped lessons around YouTube videos. Keep in mind that you need to open an account with TED Ed to start using this service. The sign-up process is pretty easy and free.

Now here is the visual guide I prepared for you and I also provided a link ,at the end of this tutorial, to a flipped video lesson I created as an example of what your finished flipped lesson will look like. Enjoy

First head over to TED ED and :

1- Click on " Find and Flip "

2- Find YouTube Videos for your lessons
You can search YouTube for a video to build a lesson around. This video will be the centerpiece of your lesson.

3- Click to select that video then click on " Flip this video "

4- Listed /Unlisted
Now you can choose whether you want your flipped lesson to be discovered by TED community or not simply by clicking on Listed/Unlisted button. You can also customize whether you want to allow others to flip it or not.

5- Title/ Description
Now you can provide a title and description to your lesson

6- Customize your video lesson
Here is how you can customize your video lesson and make it more engaging. Start by working on the sections featured in the right hand column. Click on :

A- Think
Clicking on "Think" button enables you to add questions around on the video. The questions can be either multiple choice or open answer or both.

B- Dig Deeper
Provide more insight or questions to get students thinking deeper.

C- Discuss
Here you can open a new discussion, view old discussions and create new ones.

D- ... And finally
Within a limit of 250 characters , you add more food for thought to your students around the video they have watched.

7- Click on " Finish Flip" when you are done. You can also preview it before saving it

8- Share
When you click " finish flip"  a pop-up window will be displayed showing a synopsis of your work and providing you with links to share it either via email or through social media websites. There is also an edit button that you can use to edit your lessons

9- Lessons stats
When you share your video lessons with students, they will be to watch the video then engage with the content and questions you provided on it. All they have to do is click on each category : Think, Dig Deeper, Discussion, and Finally ) to get started .
You will be able to track how many students answered the questions and how many discussions are created and all the other stats about your lesson right from your TED ED account.

Finally, here is a lesson I created specifically for this tutorial. This is only to provide you with a working example of how a flipped TED Ed lesson looks like. Click on THIS LINK to view it. Don't forget to click on the categories on the right hand side to see the questions I embedded.

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