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A Great Wheel of All The Learning Theories Teachers Need to Know about

I really feel like there are no words that can ever give credit to the phenomenal work put into creating the wheel below. It just amazed me how much time invested in it.

Teaching is a hands-on activity ( unless you are a lecture-based type of teacher ) that is deeply grounded in learning theories. Being able to recognize and differentiate between the different learning theories together with the ability to understand the reasons why you opt for a certain theory to inform your teaching and not the other are  key to sound and successful teaching career.

The interactive graphic below will definitely help you clear out the cloud over any confusion resulting from misunderstanding a learning theory, it will also set out clear boundaries and demarcate territories for learning theory. Besides summarizing all the important learning theories together with their learning paradigms , this graphic is also hyperlinked and embeds links to several other equally important resources.

Here is a screenshot of the learning theory wheel . Click HERE to see the original full size

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