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8 Awesome Educational Infographics for Teachers

What I have for you today is a collection of interesting graphics I have recently bookmarked. The visual attractiveness of infographics make them ideal learning and teaching tools to use in the classroom. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has a separate section devoted entirely to educational infographics which you can access to choose from the wide variety of titles I have there.

Today I am adding more resources to this page. The infographics listed below are created by anethicalisland.  Before you send me an email asking for how to print these graphics, please check the post I have shared a few days ago entitled " 2 Ways to Print out Posters and infographics ".

Without any further ado, I will let you go through this selection and as always share with us your feedback. Enjoy.

Click on any title to see the original graphic.

1- 27 ways to increase participation

2- 27 Things to do with students who are not paying attention

3- Inspire creativity

4- Did they learn anything ?

5- Presenting stimulating materials

6- How to check students prior knowledge

7- Feedback Please

8- Guiding and facilitating learning

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