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7 Steps to Grow Professionally Using Twitter

I just came across this wonderful video featuring 7 steps to use Twitter to grow professionally. This is basically " Summer of Twitter " challenge created to motivate teachers to use Twitter to connect with others in education.

Of course step number one starts with getting your feet wet in the Twitter world: Open your account. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts on the use of Twitter for professional development, as a teacher you should definitely have two Twitter accounts: one for family and friends and the second one for professional development purposes. Why not only one ?

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As you probably know , social media websites like Twitter and Facebook are only powerful when you have a decent base of friends. You learn from the feeds you get from your friends,in other words, you learn from what others share ( be it links, videos, pics, files...etc). If you have a single account where you cram your family and close friends in with your colleagues at work and other educators you want to follow, your news feed will end up showing a mixture of irrelevant tweets. So please make sure you single out each account for the specific purpose you created it for.

now , I will let you enjoy this awesome short video to learn more about the 7 steps to use Twitter to grow professionally. Enjoy

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