The 5 major Components of The Reading Process

Reading is one of the key pillars of literacy and is as old as literacy itself. However, the problem with reading inside our schools has always been one of the major challenges facing curriculum designers and  literacy coaches and all the other players in the field of education.

Students seem to falter when it comes to reading and this is one of the outcomes of the over emphasis on teaching reading mechanics ( phonemic and phonetic awareness ) at the expense of comprehension and meaning. Students are trained to say words right but not to understand them. Reading comprehension is only secondary to reading accurately.

Advocates of the Whole language approach, on the other hand, view reading as meaning-making, a process of making sense of the world through written code.In their endeavour to come to grips with the meanings of words, students get to draw on their experiences and local contexts to bring life to those words.
I am a strong fan of this Whole Language progressivist approach not only to reading but to literacy as a whole. I might try to schedule a post on this approach to share with you in the future, but not a promise!

For today, I am sharing with you this beautiful post on the 5 major components of the reading process.

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