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5 Excellent Web Tools to Teach Collaborative Writing

Collaborative writing is a great way to to teach students the writing skill while enjoying it. Now that technology and web 2.0 tools are ubiquitous, you can use a plethora of awesome tools to enhance collaborative writing in your class.

Natalia et al. paper on  collaborative writing sheds some light on the importance of this skill for students:

  • In the classroom, collaborative writing increases student participation, facilitates discussion of readings and enhances critical thinking (Chan, 1996). 
  • It encourages students to continually assess their own performance and class work as well as that of their peers (Jacobsen and Mueller, 1998).
  • Students learn to clearly express ideas through writing . Collaborative writing effectively teaches the concept of teamwork.
  • Collaborative writing improves document quality by pooling the strengths of group members. At the same time, individual weaknesses are caught by the group and revised.
  • Ultimately, collaboration can be a form of motivation for students as they become excited about working with a group as well as the prospect of learning from other students.
Here some of the web tools to encourage and foster collaborative writing :

This my number one tool for writing collaboratively. Google docs has all the features teachers need in order to hep students write and work in teams. Check out this guide to learn more about Google Docs as a writing tool.

This is another awesome web tool that allows people to work on the same document simultaneously. It does resemble Google Docs and it also does not require any software download.

3- Draft

This is a very simple writing editor that has great collaborative features. Students can invite their peers to edit their writings and share feedback with each other

PrimaryPad is a web-based word processor designed for schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time.

Create as many surfaces as you need and link them together. Manage large projects with inter-related surfaces. Organise them in the way that makes sense to you. Share with team members for viewing or editing.

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