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5 Excellent Tools for Teachers to Use with Google Hangout

To increase users'productivity and enhance the smoothness of their workflow, Google has recently allowed third party apps to be integrated with certain services namely Google Drive and Google Plus. We have already seen some of the best apps to use on your Google Drive in"10 Great Tools to Integrate with your Google Docs". Today I am introducing you to the best apps you can use with your Google Plus hangout. Remember, the same principle applies here, to enable these apps you need to be logged in to your Google Account.

If you are not yet familiar with what Google Hangout is all about or how you can use it with your students, please read this visual guide to get started.

To add the apps mentioned below to your Google Hangout, follow these steps : Head over to your Google Hangout, hover your mouse over the dots as is shown in the screenshot below and then click on " add apps".  A new window will pop up featuring a variety of apps. Look for the ones mentioned in the list then add them.

Now here is a set of my favorite apps to use with your hangouts:

1- Remote Desktop
A Hangouts app for people to help other people with their computers, by controlling them remotely (with their permission, of course).
2- Google Drive
This app allows you to access and edit your Google Drive files together

3- Symphonical
A digital whiteboard with sticky notes. You can use it for to-do's, brainstorming, meetings, planning and much more.

4- Slideshare
This one lets you discuss presentations with your friends.

5- Cacoo for Hangouts
Cacoo is user friendly online drawing tool. It supports real time collaboration meaning muliple users can edit and work on the same diagram synchronously.

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