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20+ Ways to Use Social Media in your Teaching

  Since the incarnation of web2.0 technologies, the world witnessed transformative changes in the way human knowledge is stored and shared. Web-based tools provide innovative ways to address day-to-day activities in everyday life and most importantly in education. Current educational technology specifically enables communication that facilitates collaborative discussion, exchange of opinions and critical thinking. There are now several platforms on the internet that provide such opportunities in the form of discussion boards, blogs, or even video/audio conferences ( Saeed, Young,& Sinnappon, 2009). These platforms are what is known as social networking sites (SNSs). Many of these SNSs are free and do not require sophisticated computer programming skills(Richardson, 2010), and unlike other communicational media such as emails, SNSs publicly reach a wide collection of individuals within a single virtual location (Richardson, 2010).

These and several other features, as indicated in the literature review , are behind the growing interest in the use of these platforms for educational purposes. This interest in SNSs is also reflected in current literature in education and pedagogy. A quick search on Google Scholar, for instance, with keywords “education” and “social networking sites” yields about 155.000 results. The purpose of this interest is two fold. First, educators have changed the way they view the web and as Johnson et al. (2009) argued ”there is a growing sense that the real value of the internet lies in the way it helps us create, identify and sustain relationships”(P. 26). And second, the privacy and safety issues have come to the surface compelling school districts, universities and state agencies to take drastic measures in order to mitigate the dangers of students sharing information online(Barnes, 2006)........ ( this is an excerpt from one of my MA Ed papers on educational social networking ).

To bring you closer to how you can use social media in your teaching, I am sharing with you the graphic below that features several tips on how to leverage the power of SNSs in your classroom. Enjoy

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