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What Teachers Need to Know about Teens Usage of Technology in 2013

One of the best research centers that keeps feeding the educational sphere with important research studies on the impact of technology and Internet on people's lives is called PEW Internet Research Center. Most of us are skeptical when it comes to believing  the results of research studies published online and we do have reasons to be so. In fact , one of the phrases I hate coming across is when an author use the cliches : " research shows that or research studies proved that." Loose and fluffy statements like these are only precursors of a lack of credibility and can also raise a red flag as to the authenticity of the content in the article. Credibility and scientific vigor come as a natural result of answering questions such as : who are the researchers behind the research study ? who funded ,if ever, the study ? The objectives of the study ? In what journals is the study published....? And not through generic name-dropping.

Now back to the PEW Research Center. This is one of the most popular research centers online and is also one of the most cited resource in academic articles. When you access its homepage , PEW team clearly state who they are, what kind of research they do, for whom they do it, and many other criteria we talked about earlier. So, if you are looking for a trusted research platform to keep checking for the latest studies in the field of educational technology and its impact on human beings, consider PEW. In this regard I am sharing with you parts of a research study I am including in my Education 3.0 paper.The study is entitled " Teens and Technology "

1- Teen Internet demographics

2- Teen Computer and Tablet ownership demographics

3- Teen Cell phone and smartphone  ownership demographics

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