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What Do Students Expect from Teachers

So what do your students expect from you? How do you know about their expectations ? One of the ways I used to do personally with my students is that I would ask them to jot them their own expectations on an anonymous slip of paper and share them with me. In fact, I used to ask them to assess my teaching , what they liked, what they did not like,  what they want me to change...etc? I used to do this at the end of each semester and believe me the insight I would glean from their feedback was really inestimable and helped me a lot in my professional growth. Now with web 2.0 technologies, it becomes way easier and practical to poll your students on any topic you want and anytime you want. Here are some of the polling tools I recommend for you .
Below is an awesome video I came across today while going through my Feedly feeds . The video is about students expectations for their teachers; it is only 2 and a half minutes long but I am pretty sure you would love and enjoy it as much as I did.
Cybraryman has also compiled a great list on " What my students want ".

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