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Using Technology to Connect Students to Their Learning

Here is a great video on how teachers can use technology to enable students to connect what they learn at school with  their real environment.

Using Technology to Connect Students & the Environment  illustrates how technology can further STEM  learning through the environment, both in nature  and in the classroom. The video demonstrates  how the students of Islesboro Central School in  Maine use technology to help document the  ecological condition of nature preserves near their school. Islesboro, Maine is just one example  of a school district using technology outdoors;  educators across the country are harnessing  student interest and skills in using technology as  part of new creative strategies for engaging  today’s students in environmental learning.
I invite you to watch this 5 minutes long video and learn about some of the ways teachers and students in Islesboro Central School have adapted technology to enhance and compliment the learning that takes place in the classroom. There is also a great  toolkit that can guide you through the different stages of technology integration in education.

In this toolkit, we outline activities and  resources at all grade levels for implementing a  similar project with your students centered on the  theme of wildlife or habitat conservation.  Whether your school has access to a park, school  or community garden, nature preserve, local  beach, field, stream or vacant lot, these spaces  can serve as a resource for taking technology –  and your classroom – outdoors, and encouraging  interest in STEM and our environment.
Here is a snapshot of this wonderful kit and you can click HERE to download it in PDF format.

Here is the video

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