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Teacher's Simple Tutorial on How to Search for Apps on Google

I always wonder why Google hides the good things from people. Google's power as a search engine lies in effectively using the search tips hidden its advanced search panel and also in its terminology or the right combination of key words. Ask your students to search for something and they will head over to Google search box and type a bunch of words in and hit "I am lucky" and start sifting through pages and pages of links and junk content. Google provides its " treats  only to those who know how to dig for them and in the least amount of time possible. I have written profusely on Google Search skills and for those of you who are new to this blog , please refer back to my archive to learn more about this.

For today, I am sharing with you another smart tip from Google. This is basically for those users searching for apps. As you know apart from the trusted blogs and websites that curate educational apps and provide them in ready made lists, it is a cumbersome task to search for apps on Google. For instance a search for Apps to create flashcards renders back more than 5 million  results. But Google provides a way for you to limit these results and narrow them down.

Here is how to search for apps in Google :

First write your query in Google search box and click on search. In the results page , look under the search box and you will see the word " applications" click on it to enable Google to limit your search query. If you can't see it, click on menu and you will find it in the drop-down list.

Now let's narrow down the search

You can also narrow down your search more by clicking on search tools and start sorting apps by price or by operating system ( Android, iOS)

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