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A Wonderful Cheat Sheet on The 21 Techie Problems Every Teacher should Know about

One buzzing phrase that keeps being repeated by students in any computer lab is " I can't get it to work". When it comes to working on computers students have no patience and as soon as something goes wring , the first thing they do is to ask for help. As tech teachers , we need to teach them how try to solve troubleshooting problems by themselves before calling out for help. And when they tried and could not solve them teachers should only give guiding instructions and not do it for them. Students learn best by doing and this is the purpose of this post today. I am providing you with a chart featuring the most popular 21 troubleshooting computer problems. This chart is created by Murray  and is specifically designed to help students deal with their computer problems both in class and at home without the need of teacher's help. Please make sure to share it with your students and colleagues . I recommend that you make a copy of this chart and keep it in your computer lab. Enjoy

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