A New Poster on Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Hi everybody, I just finished presenting in MoRCE conference. My presentation was on Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. Those of you who are regular readers of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning are probably wondering why I did not post last night as  usual. I could do it last night because I participated in another conference from Australia. I have some two busy and hectic days but finally over with .
I am sharing with you a poster I created for this presentation which is based on the popular work of Andrew Churches.  Andrew revised the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy and based on its taxonomic items he came up with a list of digital verbs and actions that align with the thinking continuum of Blooms Revised Taxonomy. If you are looking for the web tools that go with this taxonomy please refer back to this post. Enjoy

Click Here to download the poster below.

 Click on the image to enlarge it

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