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9 Steps to Create A Classroom Poster Using Google Docs

I have been sharing a great deal of educational posters here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I love using posters with my students and I know many of you love them too. Sometimes it seems like we can not find the exact poster we want for our class and this is when we need to use our techy skills to craft our own posters. The process is not very hard and anybody with the rudimentary tech knowledge can do it in a matter of minutes. I have already featured a post containing several web tools to help you create your posters. However, I recently got some requests from some of my readers asking me about the tool I used in creating the posters I shared in my Freebies section. The answer is Google Docs.Google Docs has a drawing canvas that is really excellent for creating posters for your classroom and here is a step by step guide on how to do it. Enjoy

Click on each image to see it in full view

1- Open Google Docs, click on create, then on drawing

2- Give your poster a title and enlarge the drawing canvas

3- Customize the background of your poster

3- You can use an image as a background of your poster or you can insert as many images as you want into the content of your poster as is shown in the screenshot below. You can also insert shapes, callouts

4- Insert lines, arrows, and text

5-  Click on Insert menu to choose among many actions as shown in the screenshot

6- Create titles using word art

7- Using the authoring tools to : chose background of your text, line weight, line color...etc

8- Sharing your poster

9- Downloading your poster

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