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8 Things Every Teachers should Be Able to Do with Google Docs

Today I am sharing with you a little guide I have created specifically for readers of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Each time I write about Google Docs I get several emails from people asking about how to apply a certain tip. I know Google Docs keeps improving and adding more features to it but the basic features it started with are still the same. Just give it some time and play around its features and you will learn a great deal of new things from. Use the the guide below to help you better master Google Docs.

1- Add a title to your document and save it in a folder

2- Search your Google Drive for docs

3- Connect apps to Google Drive

4- Highlight to add comment

5- Add comment to highlighted words

6- Research highlighted words in Google, Scholar, Images..etc

7- Sharing a doc with others

8- Track Revision

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