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8 Steps to Create Engaging Google Forms ( for Teachers )

This is the 5 post in a series of articles geared towards helping teachers and educators better leverage the power of Google services in education. I know there are several tutorials out there but these ones I have for you are different . Different because they are created by a fellow teacher like you who knows your needs and therefore tries to attend to these needs. These guides are also illustrated by screenshots and explanatory text and in some cases video clips.
Today's tutorial is on the use of Google forms. By the end of this guide you will be able to :

  • Create a Google form with different questions
  • Customize your Google Forms using a plethora of templates
  • Share your Google forms 
  • Embed your Forms in your Blog or website

Don't forget to answer the question I embedded in the form at the end of this post.

Step 1
Head over to your Google Docs and click on Create then on Form

Step 2
Give your form a title and a description

Step 3

Choose a background for your form to make it look cute. To do this click on " Theme " on the top bar as is displayed in the screenshot below. Choose among the themes there and  click on the one you want and then hit done

Step 4
Now you start filling up you form. Provide your questions

 and then choose  which type of questions you want to use. You can choose from :

Here is how each form looks like.

Multiple choice questions



Choose from a list


Paragraph text

Or just text

Step 5

Click on " Add Other " to add the option other to your questions. It will look like this

Step 6
If you want to add page break to your form so that students answer a set of questions on one page and then click on continue to answer the others here is how to do it : Click on " add items " located at the bottom of the page and add the forms you want .

Step 7
Customize the confirmation message by either :

  • Choosing link to submit another response
  • Publish and show a link to the results of this form
  • Allow responders to edit answers after responding

Step 8
To share your form you have three options :

  1. Share a direct link to your form with others
  2. Share your form on social media websites ( Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus)
  3. Share your form via email
  4. Or embed it in your classroom blog or website

Here is a form I created based on this tutorial. It is both a direct application of what I talked about above and also an example of a form you can create using Google Forms. Can you please provide me with your feedback on this form by answering the question below. Thank you

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