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60 Educational iPad Apps for Teachers

First let me just thank all of you who have taken the time to confirm their email subscriptions after the obligatory migration I did to aWeber. As I said in yesterday's post, I am no longer using Feedburner as the email delivery for this blog, I migrated to aWeber for fear of any sudden shut down of Feedburner particularly after the news of Google Reader's closure. So please if you have not yet confirmed your email subscription or if you want to subscribe anew use the widget "subscribe for updates " on the right hand sidebar to do so.
 I also appreciate all the emails and feedback I got from you and some of these emails have really made my day. I do feel so lucky to be a member of this awesome community of teachers and educators and without your support and encouragement, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning would not be reaching thousands of teachers from all around the world.

For today's post I am sharing with you an excellent presentation featuring some of the top educational iPad apps. I have gone through each title and found them really worth sharing with you here. Have a look and share with us your comments . Enjoy

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