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5 Ways Jen Is Using Technology in Her Classroom

I just came across this awesome video while I was going through my Twitter feeds and did not want to let the chance go by without sharing it with you. In this video, you will get to learn about Jen's classroom in the cloud. You will particularly learn how she uses technology in her teaching with her students . You will also discover some of the web tools she uses together with how she uses them. I find this video to be a practical application of what I share with you here on the integration of technology in education. Jen did a great job in featuring several of the web technologies she is using with her students from Google Docs to Socrative. I am hoping that the video will help those of you looking for some innovative ways to use technology in their classrooms get their feet wet and get moving. Enjoy

Jen Roberts' Classroom in the Cloud from Jen Roberts on Vimeo.

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