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5 Tips on How to Give Engaging Presentations

Giving presentations is an art that can be learned through practice,  trial and error. I am pretty  sure that everyone of you have done some presenting either in front of a small group of colleagues ( e.g. at school ) or facing a bigger crowd such as the case in conferences and public speaking sessions. The degree of anxiety and stage-fright a presenter feels  varies according to several reasons most important of them is experience. Experienced presenters rarely evoke such feelings but again experience comes with time and again PRACTICE.

Today,  I am sharing with you some great tips on how to deliver an engaging presentation which I have learned from  professor Tanya. I have made a short slideshow featuring these 5 tips. Feel free to use and share the slides with your colleagues.
Here is a run-down of the five tips mentioned in the slide :

  • Never use less than 24 point font. If you use smaller font, people will not be able to see your information and you will have too much information on the slide.
  • Use bullet points. Slides do not need full sentences, and should never have a paragraph full of information.
  • Use images effectively. You should have as little text as possible on the slide. One way to accomplish this is to have images on each slide, accompanied by a small amount of text.
  • Never put your presentation on the slides and read from the slides.
  • Do not have too many slides. Definitely do not have more than one slide per minute of presentation.

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