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5 Great Ways to Document Students Mobile Learning

I am actually working on an academic paper on Education 3.0 which I am intending to publish in one of the mobile tech journals. I will provide you with a synthesis of the main points I am covering but I can not republish it here in my blog though I have the full authorship rights because republishing a published paper is prohibited by most academic journal policies. However, one of the things that really drew my attention while working on this paper is how teachers can document students' learning in a world increasingly going mobile. Digging deeper into this topic, I decided to share this short guide with you to help you better understand and learn about the mobile tools to use to document your students learning while on the go.

There are actually five ways for teachers to document students mobile learning :

1- Blogging

This is the most pertinent way to advocate to your students. Encourage them to use one of the mobile blogging platforms below. Make sure you talk to them  about the benefits of blogging in  learning. More practically, you can use your iPad or smart phone to show them how to install a blogging app and how to start writing a post and publish it.
Here are some blogging platforms to start with

2- Video Blogging

Just like blogging, students can use different video making apps to create videos and tutorials on what they learned and then share them in the classroom blog. They can also exchange videos and peer-edit each other, leaving comments and constructive criticism on each others videos.

3- Photo blogging

Photos speak a thousand words or louder than words. Introduce your students to some photo taking apps that they can use on their mobile devices  to capture the learning as it is unfolding. This is a great way to document what they learned in a field trip, or a visit to a museum, ...etc

4- Audio blogging

There is also the possibility of creating podcast and audio clips to share in the classroom blogs. Students use one of the apps below to record a learning experiment, event, piece of news, a narrative...etc and share it with the rest of the class.

5- Note Taking

There are now several apps that students can use to capture their thoughts and jot down notes to share with the class. Here are some titles :

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