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4 Wonderful Critical Thinking Graphics

I think most of us are  visual learners .We love infographics and diagrams that present data in a visually attractive way and we probably  find it easier  to process and internalize such  data. Over the last couple of years I have been sharing several awesome graphics covering a wide range of topics from language mechanics to higher order thinking skills. The archive is open to everybody to access and I welcome your contributions and feedback on it as well.
One of the themes I write about in this blog is " critical thinking ". Given its centrality in today's education , Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has a unique section devoted to everything related to critical thinking in education.Today's post is an addition to the resources I have already compiled in there.
Check out these new critical thinking graphics and share with us your comments or suggestions . Enjoy

1- Thinking Skills

critical thinking mindmaps
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2-Thinking steps
critical thinking mindmaps
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3- Visual thinking

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