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4 Twitter Tools Every Teacher should Know about

Twitter is a powerful educational social networking website that has a huge potential for  teachers professional development. Twitter is also ideal as a  PLN  where you get to connect with other educators from all around the globe and exchange teaching and learning materials with them. Building a PLN, however, requires making acquaintances with similar like-minded teachers and also developing your list of followers; but once you have such a solid PLN problems of maintaining it and staying updated with what others tweet become a tricky challenge. I have curated for you some powerful tools to help you benefit the maximum from  the PLN you create on Twitter. Check them out below.

1- Paper.l

This is one of my favorite web tools that I check regularly. enables  you to publish newspapers based on topics you like. You can use your  Twitter  feeds and the feeds of people you follow to publish such a magazine. Using will definitely enhance your tweet reading and help you stay updated about the latest tweets in your field of interest

2- Tweetedtimes

This is another great web tool that I use to curate my Twitter feeds. Tweetedtimes is free and allows users to turn their Twitter feeds into a newspaper. Just connect your Twitter account and customize the feel and look of your newspaper and there you go.

With Tagboard you can easily keep track of what is being shared in the world of social media using a designated hashtag.

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