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4 Excellent iPad Apps for Creating Classroom Posters

Posters, like infographics, are visually attractive representations of content. This content can be anything from text to charts and diagrams. Posters are great teaching tools and can be used in the classroom with our students for several learning reasons and most important of them all is to engage and stimulate students thinking processes. Imagine how much learning can occur in a classroom that is rich in learning posters : a poster on Math, another on human body, the other on geography...etc. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has , in the span of three years, curated and shared several free classroom posters, just head over to our archive to learn more about them.
You want to design your own posters ? You can using these simple and easy to use web tools. You can even create posters on the go using these iPad apps. Check them out below.

1- PicCollage

PicCollage lets you instantly arrange your photos into frames - or get creative with freeform collages, cutouts, filters, borders, stickers, and text. Your friends will be amazed with what you can create. It's like photoshop with your fingers!

2- Phoster

With stylish templates which are already within the application, you will be able to create posters without great effort.
When you get the job done of first step making posters, you can utilize various effects and decorates to complete the chic posters your own.

3- Quark DesignPad

Using an entirely new approach to design, you can quickly experiment with different layouts and create anything from a poster or postcard to a newsletter right on your iPad — then share it on Twitter, by email, print it or further develop it in QuarkXPress.

4- iFontmaker

iFontMaker™ is the first font editor exclusive for iPad. With the touch interface, your 100% original hand typeface can be done in 5 minutes¹. You can email the typography or convert it into a TTF file² available in all applications such as Adobe® CreativeSuite™, Microsoft® Office™, and also in your web site as a web font³!

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